Topics of Interest

Topics include but are not limited to:
Intelligent System
Intelligent Mechatronics
Applied Mechatronics
Automotive Engineering
Fuzzy and Neural System
AI, Neural Networks and Fuzzy Logic in Mechatronics and Robotics
Dynamics and Vibration
Fluid Dynamics
Nonlinear Dynamics
Fatigue and Fracture
Material Science and Processing
Composite and Smart Materials
MEMS and Nano Technology
Mechanical Design
Mechanical Power Engineering
3D Printing
Industrial Robotics
Digital Performance Management
Digital Quality Management
Human-Robot Collaboration
Quality Assurance and Environment Protection
Modern Production Equipment Design and Manufacture
System Analysis and Industrial Engineering
Manufacturing Systems and Industry Application
Integrated Manufacturing System
Recycling and Remanufacturing
Rapid Manufacturing
Production Technology
Green Supply Chain
Electrical Engineering
Micro-Machining Technology
Electrical Automation and Power Engineering
Remote Monitoring and Control
Machinery and Machine Design
Electrical Materials
Signal Processing
Circuits and Systems
Information and Communication Engineering
Power Grid Technology

Automation Control
Modelling and Design
Industrial Automation and Process Control
Automatic Detection
Automation Technology
Intelligent Recognition
Microcomputer Principle and Application
Engineering Optimization
Systems Modeling, Optimization, Simulation and Experiments
Real-Time Monitoring and Inspection
Advanced Control Design and Algorithm
Adaptive Control
Real-time Systems
Sensor/Data Fusion